Sell Avon Online

How to sell Avon online? is the question i hear a lot. If you are reading this article, chances are you are interested in selling avon online or just selling avon in general. Even though selling avon online is what i do mainly but i will suggest anyone starting out to sell Avon both ways; Sell in person/face to face and sell online as well. I still sell avon in person, like the old fashioned way but i think with the social media being so big these days, one should definitely take advantage of marketing your business online.  The best part about doing your business online is Avon does most of the work for you and you get commission for the avon order.  Another benefit of selling avon online is, you can service to customers all over United States and not just in your own neighborhood. So, the question is How do you sell avon online?

Sell Avon on Facebook: With 1.393 billion active users on Facebook you should definitely have a presence as Avon rep on Facebook. Create a business page or create a group and invite your friends and family and ask them to invite their friends and family. Post current avon promotions and deals and link them to your eStore so people can go visit your website with just one click and start shopping.

Sell Avon On Twitter: With the help of hashtags, twitter makes it very easy to target your audience and find people who are actually interested in what you are talking about or in our case what you are selling. If you are selling a lipstick, hashtag that post with #lipsticks #makeup #beauty and anyone who is also interested in all those things you just hashtag’ed will see your post and most probably follow you or even visit your website and buy from you.

Sell Avon by writing a blog: With the help of friendly blogging websites like WordPress and Blogger it is very easy to create a blog these days. Like most of you who are reading my blog on wordpress have a blog of your own. When you are selling Avon and wanting to target online audience, blogging is something you should consider. Large amount of my eStore visitors are actually people who read my blog posts. With deals and promotions pretty much everyday at Avon the topics to write about are endless.

Sell Avon on instagram: I think most of the “new generation” is using instagram more then any other social media websites. You basically share your life in pictures and again, just like twitter, you can use hashtags on instagram in order to reach your target audience. Wearing your avon jewelry, using avon makeup and posting your pictures on instagram is definitely a good way to show people what’s new at avon.

Other then these few major social media sites you can also sell avon  on LinkedIn, Google+, Tumbler, YouTube and much more. Even though i would suggest to focus on 3-4 social media sites when you are starting out but after you get a hang of things you can definitely use as many social media platforms as you like.

If you need more information on how to start your own Avon business please visit

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