AVON has more then just lipstick

I was in a meeting yesterday and someone asked “what do people think of when they say avon”? and more then 2 people said “lipstick”…and it gave me the idea of today’s blog post. AVON definitely has “more stuff then just lipstick”. It kind of made me make a list (in my head) of things people use on day to day basis. So let’s take that list out of my head and put it here….shall we.

Body Lotion

SSS lotion1 lotion2prod_1185371_xl

Shower Gel and Body Wash

sss sg mark sg

Lip Balms

lb lb2


deo deo2


hs hs2

besides these very basic items AVON also has kitchen tools, kids toys,candles, clothes, shoes and much more. Next time you are shopping for your everyday use things please consider looking at my AVON webstore. I am confident you won’t be disappointed . Shipping is always free with $35 purchase.

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