AVON Big and Daring Mascara

Today’s post is all about my absolute favorite mascara by AVON, BIG & DARING MASCARA.

I absolutely love the formula. Its not too dry or flaky or not too wet either. The brush is thick with a little curved wand, which i prefer with my mascaras, i feel cured brushes make application a lot more easier,specially on the left eye(i am right handed)


I like the tube too. (random? i know) For some odd reason every mascara that comes in a thicker tube like this have worked for me.



The wand is full and thick, with a little curve. The bristles are full.I usually do 2-3 coats and my lashes are pretty straight and even after curling them, most mascaras don’t hold the curls at all  but this one does. It’s water resistant. You can easily take it off with any eye makeup remover and you won’t wakeup with raccoon eyes in the morning.

I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s my favorite mascara at the moment. i’ve got my mom hooked on it as well as my best friend and they both have the same opinion about Big and Daring MascaraTry it for yourself and i know you’ll love it too!

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